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What's New!

Below you will find a list of all the new exciting classes we have happening over the next few months.


If you are interested in seeing what events/ workshops we have happening over the next couple of months click the link below.

Rise and Shine

When: Wednesday's

Time: 07:30

You know that feeling after an early morning yoga class?

The "Yes! I feel great, I've done my exercise for today and whatever awaits me for the rest of the day - I'm ready for it".
With a combination of breathing exercises, self-massage, mindfulness, movement, stretching, relaxation and setting intentions for the day, this class will give you just that. 
The class will support you to feel stronger, more limber and energised, both physically and mentally. 
This class is suitable for beginners.


Hip Hip Hooray

When : Wednesday's

Time: 10:15am - 11:15am

In this session, we are improving our hip mobility by focusing on the most effective ways to increase our range of motion, from wall stretches to active and dynamic ways to stretch and move our hips.

This session will increase your overall athletic performance and reduce the likelihood of injury through building strength in the end range of motion as well as stretching those tighter areas out.

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