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Online Membership

Release your inner Wellness Warrior... at home!

My intention is that this online membership will give you the time and space to remind yourself just how wonderful you are.  This membership takes a holistic approach, based on an understanding that experiencing a well-rounded assortment of wellness practices plays a fundamental role in our ongoing well-being and our journey to becoming Wellness Warriors!


The online and pre-recorded nature of Wellness Warriors means that engagement with enhancing our well-being is not bound by time and space as it is when attending live sessions, giving us a better opportunity to give self-love a more prominent position in our lives.


As an Online Wellness Warrior, you will have access to the entire video and meditation collections, where you will find the carefully designed and curated content.


Each month, I upload new videos to help you to maintain inspiration and alignment with your goals and intentions. We have a wide selection of videos for you to choose from, with easy to find categories like short yoga flows, Restorative Yoga, Longer Yoga flows, Morning Yoga and Yoga for your Hips and the list just keeps growing! 

If you would like a look at all the collections please click the online membership button on the top right to check out all the collections that are available.

These classes are also available for Wellness Warriors unlimited members and are easily accessible via our 'Momence' app.  

Once you have signed up to be a Wellness Warrior or are part of our in person memberships and are ready to watch our videos, just click the link above '7 Days Free Trial', download the 'Momence' app, log in and enjoy the array of recorded content.

You have a 7 day FREE trial period for you to access everything that is on offer and take time to delve into what's available. If it's something you feel you would benefit from, you can decide to stay on or just cancel your free trial before the 7 days end.

If you have any questions about Wellness Warriors, I would love to hear from you so please do get in touch by clicking the link below:

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