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Myo-Yin aka Rolling in the Deep

What is Myo-Yin?

Think of Myo-Yin as the ultimate unwind for your body and mind in the world of yoga. Imagine a deep, soothing stretch and tension-relieving massage combo. But hey, it's not all rainbows and unicorns; jumping into this practice without appropriate guidance and a gentle approach can create more problems than we came to address in the first place. So, let's ease into it together, shall we?

Lying on the floor in relaxation

When we tune into fostering a smooth flow of energy (or 'prana' if we're honouring the roots of yogic traditions), we're essentially able to regulate our stress response when experiencing discomfort in our body and/or mind. When working into the acupressure points with props like cork blocks and balls, we’re mining for that sweet spot of sensation, not too much nor too little - kind of like Goldilocks searching for the perfect porridge. And when we find it, leaning into the felt experience of the sensation, without judging it as good or bad. Surrendering into what is, without judgment is a key principle with yogic philosophy helps us meet life centered, steady and calm.

This practise helps you cultivate mindfulness both on and off the mat. By engaging in a heightened level of awareness, we don't merely passively experience physical sensations; rather, we engage with them and acknowledge these sticking points. As we navigate these sensations, we often discover reactive tendencies or unconscious patterns that may surface—be it physical tension or emotional.

Through this process, we tap into our resilience, using anchoring techniques, like deep breathing, releasing sound or sighs. These tools, that we always carry with us, help to mobilise pain and ground us into presence within our body amidst intensity. This is something we can remember to use life outside the studio walls, fostering a state of steadiness and ease within the body heart and mind. Through surrendering to “what’s is" and finding that inner support and stability, Myoyin transcends mere stretching—it is an incredible tool for harmonising the nervous system and releasing pain stored in the body. This intentional approach facilitates profound release and induces a state of deep relaxation that ripples throughout your physical, mental, and emotional life.

Join me for "Rolling In The Deep” class 7.30-8.30pm every Thursday at Wellness Warriors studio

Written by Emily price.

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