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New Year Day Retreat

This is the perfect way to kick start your new year off with a fresh, invigorating beginning. After a busy festive season we all need to recentre ourselves and get back into our healthy habits and this is designed to do just that.  This retreat includes a full body workout by an experienced PT that will recharge your body and get your heart pumping, a wholesome lunch that will nourish your soul, Yin Yoga with soothing Hot stones designed to melt away and post-Christmas blues. Our intention is for this retreat is to allow you to step into the new year with a renewed sense of energy, positivity, and well-being.


Saturday 13th of January

9am - 4pm


9am: Meet at Studio


9:15am Welcome Circle and introductions


9:45 Full Body Circuit Class


10:45am: Break and Snack


11am: Slow Yoga Flow 


12:30pm: Wholesome Lunch by Dartmoor's Larder


2pm: Yin Yoga with Hot Stones


4pm: Goodbyes

Like what you hear...

Don't miss this opportunity to work on restoring balance, to rest, enjoys the scummiest food and meet like-minded people.

Book your spot today and get ready for the day retreat of a lifetime!

We will start by meeting at the studio, there is free parking right outside and I will great you at the door with open arms.

As we step into the studio, we will take time to introduce ourselves and ground into our day of selfcare, and setting intentions for the day ahead and the new year.


Our first session will be an all over body weight circuit run by Sophie, this will shake off any winter blues and get your heart beat pumping and endorphins flowing.  This session is suitable for all levels and can be adapted to suit the individual. 


Once we have had a good sweat off, there will be time to re hydrate, rest, get some fresh air and enjoy a delicious protein filled snack. 


After refuelling we will continue our day with a slow yoga flow, reconnecting body and breath and stretching out our post Christmas slump.  Its been a season of resting and nesting and in this practice I want you to shift from the darkness into the light, finding the sense of hope in this new year and with it a new beginning.


We are lucky enough to be joined by Dartmoor's larder who will be making us the most nutritious salad dishes and drinks to fully recharge and refuel our bodies for our lunch.  This lunch will be fully suitable for vegans and for those of you who are not vegan, you will not be disappointed! Sandy has years of experience and even though there is no meat, you will not miss it as her flavours are out of this world.


Ending our time together with a sweet surrendering yin practice,  after setting intentions and getting our energy's flowing its super important to let our intentions go, if we focus too much on them we loose the beauty of the present moment and will get lost in the future.  We know where we are heading, now we let it go and soften back to the present.

And this practice will help you with just that, Julie (Momma JuJu) will place hot stones on our bodies as we find Yin Yoga postures.


This is truly a blissful experience and you will leave the day feeling mentally and physically balanced, grounded and completely rested. 

Things to know


Wellness Warriors Yoga Studio

Unit A, Pearse gardens, Modbury, PL21 0FX

Once you have booked on, all the information regarding parking and directions and anything else you need to know will be sent to you via email a week before the day.


For your delicious lunch, we will ask on booking about any dietary requirements.

What you will need to bring:

  • Change of clothes (In case you get sweaty and want to change)

  • Towel and shower gels and Shampoos if you wish to shower

  • Water bottle

  • Yoga Mat

  • Warm layers

Meet The Team



Hi, my name is Sandy, and I am one half of Dartmoor Larder along with my husband Steve. 

I am a Classically Trained Chef and have worked in professional kitchens in this country, Germany and Holland. 

I realised that Vegan food could be really flavoursome & nutritious which excited & inspired me.

But we don’t just offer Vegan food; however, I have to admit, Vegan & Vegetarian food is my passion!



Hi, my name is Sophie, I am a passionate Personal Trainer based near Exeter who really believes that exercise can not only improve your physical health but your mental health too.



Momma JuJu

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